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  • Jacques Herzog

    Buildings: 1985 - 35 años. House Plywood Boyears oldgen - Suiza, 1988 - 38 años. Schwitter Apartment Office Basilea - Suiza, 1992 - 42 años. Goetz Collection

  • HERZOG & DE MEURON - 40+1 Innovative BBVA

    ARCHITECTURE for the five SENSES each project produced by Herzog & de Meuron is a journey to the interior of architecture, ...

  • Biography of Jacques Herzog

    Jacques Herzog. (Basel, 1950) Swiss architect considered, together with his partner Pierre de Meuron, one of the greatest contemporary architects ...

  • a conversation with jacques herzog and pierre de meuron - The sketch

    fallow deer to architecture a generation later, and could not- MOS back. A CONVERSATION WITH. JACQUES HERZOG. AND PIERRE DE MEURON.